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    Warm water - fast

    Warm water - fast

    This is why the Sun warms up solar-rapid® pipes more quickly:

    solar-rapid® Rohr - hat eine viel größere Oberfläche

    a solar-rapid® pipe has a much larger surface area

    The solar-rapid® pipe's much larger surface area compared with smooth pipes is due to its special wave form. Since a larger surface can absorb more solar heat, the pool water running through it is heated up proportionately more quickly.

    Glattes Solar-Rohr  = weniger Oberfläche. weniger Oberfläche  = weniger Wärmeaufnahme

    smooth solar pipe = smaller surface area - smaller surface area = less heat absorption

    Thanks to the ROOS®-solar ribbed tubes, your water is heated up very rapidly!

    The special moulding of the ROOS-solar ribbed tubes heats up your pool very rapidly, by free solar energy.

    They are made of special plastics of very high quality. This material is higly UV-resistant. It remains stable against temperatures from -45°C to 130°C (-49°F to 266°F) and against chemicals which are used in pool water treatment..

    The collector which has been developped especially for pool-heating is most efficient at temperatures of about 23°C to 32°C (73°F to 90°F). This is ideal, since these temperatures offer most fun and comfort when swimming.