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Free heat with the solar-rapid® pool heating.

The solar-rapid® pool heating system adapts well to the local conditions. It consists of only a few parts, which can be combined.

In your own swimming pool: "Warm water, just like the South Seas"

Free heat.

Heating with oil, gas or an electrid heat-pump is expensive. And then, with an electric heat-pump there will also be regular maintenance costs.

The solar-rapid® collector will deliver free-of-charge solar energy to your swimmingpool for nothing.

Assembly on the construction kit principle.

„We're not bothered about energy prices any more: We use solar-rapid for our heating.“ 

„Energie-Preise interessieren uns nicht mehr. Mit solar-rapid® ist für uns die Wärme kostenlos.“

Your benefits with solar-rapid®:

  • More rapidly warm water like the South Seas
  • Permanently free warmth
  • Saving a lot of money by doing it yourself
  • Easy assembly according to the construction-kit principle
  • No maintenance costs
  • One ONE pump required for heating and filtering, without any performance reduction
  • Makes optimal use of the available solar surface areas

  • Easy to fit (no need to glue it to the roof!)

  • Storm and rodent-proof

  • Top quality "made in Germany"

You don’t need to bother about energy prices any more

The solar-rapid® collector gives you warmth free-of-charge.

Thermal power from all solar-rapid® pipes. The Sun's energy ist converted into heat with an efficiency of up to 91%.

solar-rapid®: Schnell kostenlose Wärme.
solar-rapid® Wärme-Power: Hier wird Sonnenenergie zu ~91% in Wärme umgewandelt.

Extract solar energy by filtering.

Usually a filter pump is equipped in such a way that it can also function as a solar circulation.  Thus you don’t need a second pump and electricity.

Solar energy strikes the solar-rapid® collector. The collector transmits the solar energy to the water, which again flows back to the pool. This process is repeated and makes the water temperatur rise.

And this is how the circulation works:

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solar-rapid Animation

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